Oasis Texas Spire Dome
Alamo Drafthouse Plant Invasion
Tejano Capital Monument
A&M Giant Class Ring
Beetle Sculpture
Duluth Theater Mural
Seven Oaks Ranch Sign
Swimfins Red with Black Stripe
Pliosaur Sculpture
Rooster Teeth Sign
Oasis Mural Sign
LBJ Faux-Bronze Statue

About Blue Genie

Who is Blue Genie Art?

Blue Genie Art Industries is a nationally recognized creative firm specializing in large scale commercial fabrication of three dimensional objects, monuments, exhibits, themed environments, and artist services. Founded in 1999, Blue Genie Art has a rich history as an artistic fabricator for projects ranging from small and perfect, to the gargantuan and mechanically complex. Starting out as a group of artist-makers, the firm has grown into a highly respected professional operation, with a reputation for delivering high quality work that we stand behind long after project completion.
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