Barrel O' Fun

An enlarged Barrel serves as the entrance to Alamo Mueller's Cocktail Bar.

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Alamo Drafthouse Mueller: Barrel O’ Fun

Designer: Blue Genie
Services:  Design Collaboration, Sculpt Collaboration, Form Fabrication, Custom Paint and detailing, Installation​.
Dimensions: 18’ Tall x 14’ Wide
Location:  Austin, TX
Year: 2016

We have worked with the Drafthouse several times over the years, and each project is a new challenge.  When the Drafthouse approached us to work on their new Mueller location, we leapt at the opportunity, and the results have been fantastic.  The Barrel O’ Fun is the entrance to the Mueller location’s cocktail lounge, and at night, becomes a performance venue.  The lights on the top of the barrel can be modified to say “Bar O’ Fun” adding to the playful Night Circus theme the Drafthouse was going for with this location.  Additional elements include a reproduction lamp of the spaceship from ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’, and a fully outfitted bar interior, complete with Teacup booths, wacky mirrors, and handpainted Sideshow Posters.